Avanceon MEA

BI Analytics Developers facilitate organizations to make informed decisions. With their finger on the pulse of the organization, BI Analytics Developers compile, record, display, and eventually extract value from a plethora of data sources. These professionals understand business requirements and in BI context and design data models transform raw data into meaningful insights.

Position for BI Analytics Developer is now open at Octopus Digital.

As a BI Analytics Developer for Avanceon Limited subsidiary Octopus Digital, your primary focus will be to develop, deploy and maintain BI Interfaces. Create a single version of truth, access all data from one source and standardize data into coherent formats so that it can be queried by users.

BI Analytics Developers at Octopus Digital will be required to fulfil the following responsibilities.

Job Description:

  • Design, build, and deploy cloud reports / dashboards.
  • Utilize DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and other Query languages to generate Analytics and Develop Dashboards.
  • Extend support to cross functional departments and processes by developing idea-based dashboards and reports.
  • Solve Problems and take ownership of issues relating to Dashboards/Data Acquisition/ Installation/Service Delivery.
  • Collaborate with teams to integrate systems.
  • Set up workspaces, reports, dashboards, and scheduled refreshes.
  • Provide creative solutions to highlight data value through various reports and dashboards.
  • Improve Organizational IP Suite and maintenance of projects.
  • This role offers grow opportunities for deserving candidates.


  • Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field
  • 1-3 year of Working Experience in Relevant Skillset Areas / Software
  • Industrial Experience will be preferred.
  • Experience with PowerBI will be preferred.